Tuesday, July 19, 2016

30-Day Writing Challenge!

I only write when I'm inspired.  And I see to it that I'm inspired at nine o'clock every morning."

            -William Faulkner   

So you want to be a writer.  The first step?  Write everyday.  I know, I know you've seen the advice time and time again. And you really do understand the principle- you can no more write a book than you can run a marathon without consistent, diligent practice.  But how to stick to it?  Where will you get a steady supply of inspiration and motivation?

I've put together an eclectic collection of photos to provide the inspiration.  Starting today, 07/16/16, I will post one picture each day.  The following day I will edit the post to include the piece I wrote that day (~200-1000 words), related in one way or another to the day's posted picture.  With this plan, I will be writing something new every day- and so will you!   Just leave a comment below about your work that you completed for the day, and (if you like) a link to read it (hint: the accountability this provides will be an immense help to keep you sticking with the challenge).

Accountability tip #2

Below is a list of suggestions where you might place your work for critique- though a blog of your own won't look half so empty when we're finished, with 30 pieces!

These suggestions are placed in alphabetical order, with no other preference.  (I will make the awful confession that I am not actually a member of every single one on this list. *Gasp*  Gasp again when you realize what it would mean if I were an active member of all ten...).  

However, to avoid exhausting the patience of your good 'critters', I recommend spacing out your diligent work over the space of at least a couple different locations, and waiting at least a day after writing before posting (Confession #2: I will be writing my piece the day before the picture is posted, then briefly proofreading/editing for small changes, and then posting it).   

absolutewrite forums
christian writers.com
critique circle
writers' beat
writing forums
writers.net forum


You can wait for the next challenge, which will incorporate (besides quotes, helpful articles, etc), the process of editing into your writing time.

That brings me to an important point: your writer time.  If you make a specific time (and a place, physically and mentally), you are THIS much more likely to achieve your goal of writing consistently.  Otherwise... well, you're all too likely to find your writing resolution going the way of 80+% of New Year's resolutions...

Important Note:

You can write ANY type of piece- article, story, memoir, etc- you choose.  The goal is to write 30 days consecutively, and any piece that works for you to accomplish this is great- for now.  We are not focusing on editing yet, but turning off our perfectionist impulses so we can generate the writing practice we so desperately need.

P.S.  Accountability tip #2: Subscribe and join the email list to the right to make sure you never miss a day!

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